“This course is set at a relevant time and I feel that I have learnt so much in a short time and has given me encouragement to learn the Quran fully.”
Hawa Kazmi

“The course content was very rich and detailed yet beautifully articulated and incredibly accessible. I cannot recommend it enough for people seeking knowledge at all levels.”
John Hoang

“The aim of the course to cover the whole Quran in two-weekends is a big aspiration. Al-Hamdulillah, the content of this course and the amount of knowledge I gained from it was immense.”

“It has been beneficial and enjoyable. Concepts were simplified into bite sizes that were effectively easier to digest and take in.”
Aatifa Jamil

“I have really found this course beneficial and have learnt a good deal about the Quran. I found the course tutor easy to understand, very knowledgeable.”
Daniel Ekechi

“It made me appreciate the Quran more. This will be a first step to memorise the Quran and start learning Arabic (Quranic), insha'Allah.”

“You get exactly what is said on the packet – a truly intensive Quran course at an affordable price in terms of the course standard.”
Haidar Ali

“The tutor was engaging, the course notes presented beautifully, and when I leave I miss the learning and atmosphere.”
Remona Aly

“I benefited immensely from the course and started my journey back to the Quran.”

“This course was immensely beneficial and an eye opener. The teaching methods were excellent and very engaging, helped focus in all aspects. Personally, I believe it was very good for character building.”
Maryam Hussain

“This course is a must for everyone wishing to engage with the teachings of the Quran. I really appreciated the synopsis provided of each surah and endeavour to continue on the path of learning each surah in more depth, insha'Allah.”
Tahera Ali

“The presentation was dynamic and captivating. The commentary on each surah was made relevant to our lives. It has helped me to love the Quran more.”
Sobia Begum

“It has given me a clearer understanding and insight into my faith and what Allah expects from us. I wish I could have had the opportunity to attend such a course years ago.”
Naisreen Din

“I have enjoyed this course thoroughly, very informative and made me realise that the Quran is such an enjoyment to study and reflect upon.”
Shapla Begum

“Loved it! Completely transformed my understanding of the Book.”

“The wealth of information I have learnt in 4 days is going to be the foundation of change to come in my future.”
Farhana Juhera