Introduction to BAQS

The British Academy of Quranic Studies (BAQS), an academic subsidiary of Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR), is a unique initiative aimed at researching and promoting the study, teachings and worldview of the Quran for a wide range of audiences. To give effect to this objective, the Academy has embarked upon a series of strategic activities encompassing organising specialist courses, seminars, syllabus development, residential teacher training, annual conferences, publishing research papers and journals and creating an online portal for e-learning.

BAQS engages with a diverse range of international experts and specialists including traditional scholars, university academics, teachers, social scientists and the future icons of Western Muslim scholarship. BAQS aims to be the Western world's leading institute for the study of the Quran.

Our focus is not limited to the dissemination of theoretical programmes for niche audiences but we will endeavour to enrich the human living experience through the universal and dynamic teachings of the Qur'an for a global audience.

Introduction to IIDR

The Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR) is a non-profit knowledge and research based service provider, which organises courses, seminars, conferences and produces educational materials and resources.

It aims to disseminate Islamic knowledge and worldview and promote a balanced, moderate and holistic interpretation of Islam. IIDR aspires to bridge the gap between youth and scholars, knowledge and activism, traditionalism and modernity, Muslims and the wider society.

The Institute is managed by a Board of Directors under the guidance of a Board of Scholars and Advisors.